FGH plus, s.r.o. is an enterprise established as a family business in 1992. The factory is located in the town of Šumperk in the Czech Republic. FGH plus is rather a small sized company but with international outreach and importance with a long tradition. The production has been since the beginning based on laboratory glassware manufacturing and initially also on the production of utility glassware.

Besides supplying the Czech market, FGH plus exports its products both in the European as well as non-European countries. Concerning Europe the strongest customer base is located in Germany while for non-European region are in this respect South and Southeast Asia countries of great importance.

One of the most importance milestones in the FGH plus recent history has been purchase of the word trade mark ANUMBRA (“without shadows” in Latin) which has becomes ince 2012 the Community trade mark and the company FGH plus is its only owner.

In addition to its branded products FGH plus offers also neutral Petri dishes (without brand) and moreover also printing according to customers´requirements.

All products manufactured by FGH plus comply with ISO certificates.