Recently we specialize in two kinds of laboratory products – Petri dishes and Laboratory Watch glass of different sizes. Both these products are made of sodalime float glass which is formed and processed.

Petri dishes

The Petri dish is a shallow, round glass bowl with a looser lid that overlaps it from the top and side. It is used especially for the cultivation of bacteria and other microorganisms. FGH plus not only produces a standardized range of Petri dishes, but can satisfy even special requirements of customers.

Laboratory Watch Glass

Watch glass is a rounded glass piece used in chemistry as a liquid evaporation area for solids during weighing and also as a beaker and flask to minimize evaporation losses.

Utility Glass

Our other products are utility glass. We also produce it from soda-lime glass. These include classic candlesticks, round candlesticks, bowl scarves, molded bowls and more.